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Why Discount Golf Clones?

Playing golf is a lot of fun, but the equipment can be expensive. If you are like me, you figure that if you could play with some of the latest golf clubs, it would improve your score. But $400 for a driver? $1200 for a set of irons? Give me a break!

Yet, golf technology has advanced so much in recent years that we casual golfers are precisely the ones who can benefit most from some of the new golf equipment improvements.

Golf Club Clones to the rescue

Fortunately, you can play with the latest golf technology without breaking the bank. The way to go is with golf club clones.

Golf club clones are golf clubs that are manufactured with the same type of benefits and technology as name brand golf clubs, but much less expensive. You get to hit the ball longer and straighter without breaking the bank!

How Much Will I Save?

That depends upon the type of club you are buying and the particular manufacturer. But typically, golf club clones cost 50%-90% less than the equivalent name-brand golf club. You can check out some of the great deals we have discovered in the links to your left. As an example, A new Callaway FT-i driver costs $499. A similar playing Gigagolf GX Squared Ti Driver (a FT-i clone) costs $99. I bought one and now hit the ball 30 yards farther and much straighter. My score went down about 5 strokes per round and I actually have fun playing golf now. All that from one club! Just think what could happen if you change all the other clubs in your bag!

But are Clone Golf Clubs as Good as Name-Brand Cubs?

Clone golf clubs are manufactured with high-quality components and usually are very close to being as good as name-brand golf equipment. While professionals might be able to tell a difference, most amateurs cannot. Here is a square golf club review that we found that tells about some test where top amateurs couldn't tell the difference between a Nike Sumo Squared and a Ozzy Moto from Gigagolf.

Why are Cloned Golf Clubs so Much Cheaper?

There are three basic reasons: Endorsements, Advertising and R&D. Large Golf equipment manufacturers like Nike, Callaway, Titleist and Taylor Made pay touring professionals huge amounts of money to play their clubs and to wear their logos. Guess who pays for that? You do, if you buy their equipment.

The large golf companies also spend huge dollars on TV and magazine advertising, which is incredibly expensive in order to get their product in from of that many people. In fact, the reason most golfers think the name brand clubs are the best is because that's what they get pitched constantly while they watch the GOlf Channel and read their favorit golf magazones.

Finally, big-brand equipment manufacturers employ full time researchers and engineers who develop the new technology. But once the technology has been developed, component manufacturers can develop a similar type of design much more cost-effectively.

Clone Golf club manufacturers save you money by not paying huge endorsement fees to professional golfers and by using existing components rather than developing new ones.

So You are Saying the Name Brand Clubs Are No Good?

Name brand clubs are great. The pros wouldn't play them unles they were good clubs. The point is that you can get clubs that are just as good or almost as good for way, way cheaper. Hey, if you have money to burn, go ahead and buy your Nike, Callaway, Titleist or TaylorMade clubs. But you don't have to buy those expensive brands to get great clubs.

Are Clone Golf Clubs better than the clubs sold at Walmart?

Clone clubs are way better than off-the-rack bargain clubs. The golf clubs sold at discount stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. might have okay head components, but where they really suffer is in the shaft. The shaft is one of the most important parts of the golf club to get right. Off the rack golf clubs use low end shafts which don't don't allow you to play your best golf unless you hit the perfect shot. They are rarely balanced to give you a consistent fell between clubs, and they are not custom fit to your size and swing type.

Quality clone golf clubs are assembled with much higher quality shafts which help the golf ball soar off your club face and fly long and straight. Most of the clone golf club companies will also allow you to customize your club specifically for your swing speed (based on how far you hit various clubs) and how tall you are. This allows you to have a shaft that is perfectly matched to your swing, your body and to the head component being used.

Are These Golf Clubs Legal?

Absolutely! These clubs are NOT pirated imitations. Pirated golf clubs are counterfeits, sold as if they were the name-brand club and even have a fake name-brand logo on them.

Clone golf clubs do not pretend to be name-brand golf equipment. They are assembled from quality components with quality control standards and are backed by the manufacturer warranties. Pirated clubs have no quality control and no warranties or customer service.

Start Building your Clone Golf Set Now

You don't have to jump in all at once. Order a Driver or a 3-wood to start. Then add wedges, fairway woods, irons, hybrid clubs and a putter later on. You will save a ton of money, impress your golfing buddies with how far and how straight you hit it and, in general, have a lot more fun playing golf!

Joel Thomas is an avid golfer, gardener and fishermanwho lives in S. Arizona with his lovely wife and children.

Hot Selling Golf Equipment
iBella Driver
GX Ti Squared Driverr
The GX Ti Squared 460cc Driver from Gigagolf helps you hit the ball higher, longer and straighter, even on off-center hits. This second generation square driver is a Callaway FT-i clone and utilizes every modern golf technology feature to provide you with the straightest, longest drives possible. This clubs is especially suited to golfers who lose a lot of distance on mis-hit drives. Click here for more info ($99)

GX922 Irons

The PowerMax GX922 is our representation of the next generation of cavity-backed irons. These Callaway X-22 iron clones combine a forgiving notched cavity back with a sleek profile that allows shot making. The notched cavity provides stability and an increased MOI resulting in longer straighter golf shots. Click for more info. ($159)

Nike Sumo2 clone
Taylormade Burner Driver clone
Heated H Plus Gold Titanium Driver
The Heated H Plus Gold is a Taylor Made Burner clone driver. This hot driver has a scalloped crown that produces a very low center of gravity, giving you a higher launch angle with a low spin rate for optimal driver carry and roll! The Heated H Plus Gold driver has an oversize hitting area designed to give you ball-crushing power and maximum forgiveness. The results? Long, straight drives, even on off-center hits. Available in 9.5°, 10.5° & 12°. Click here for more info ($93)

Armada Putter

The new Armada putter is an Odyssey Sabertooth putter clone. This mallet putter has an enlarged head design that moves the center of gravity drastically behind the face and towards the perimeter of the head. This design gives it an extremely high moment of inertia ( MOI) to reduce twists upon impact. The 3-ball design also makes alignment easier to help stroke more putts into the hole. Read the full Armada putter review here. Click here for more info. ($54)

Odyssey White Hot XG Sabertooth putter clone
SkyCaddie GPS golf range finder

SkyGolf SkyCaddie GPS rangefinder

The SkyCaddie SG4 is for avid golfers who require a GPS range finder with advanced features. This unit has a large display and a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It includes SkyGolf's patented IntelliGreen technology enabling golfers to measure the full depth of the green from any angle of approach and shows distances for all targets and hazards on any of SkyGolf's 11,000 professionally mapped courses. Click here for more info ($349 $199)


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