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Find a New Golf Driver That Can INSTANTLY Add 20 Yards to Your Drives ... Without Changing Your Swing, for $200-$300 LESS than a Name-Brand Driver

The new golf drivers sold by Callaway and Nike are expensive. And the problem with brand new models is that they are so new, there isn't much of a second-hand market for them yet.

That's where clone golf drivers come in. In the panel on the left you will find several clone drivers that play just like their name-brand namesakes, but cost way less - up to 80% less in most cases.

These are not cheap, off the shelf golf clubs, either. They are quality golf clubs at discount prices because you are only paying for the steak and not the sizzle (endorsements and advertising). Most of these incredible drivers are available well equipped for around $100!

And here's the real benefit to you: New golf drivers are loaded with new materials and brilliant engineering, that you can easily add 20 or more yards to your drives without doing anything else. Imagine -- your same swing, and 20 extra yards. And if you are using a driver that is more than 4 or 5 years old, you could gain up to 50 extra yards. That's how far technology has come these days. Unfortunately ...

New Technology in Golf Drivers Comes at a Price

Golf manufacturers spend big bucks researching and developing new drivers that will hit the ball farther and straighter. Their dumpsters are overflowing with failed prototypes that seemed like a good idea at the time ... but couldn't cut it in the real life trials.

All that testing and development gets passed on to you. But that's not even the worst of it. You see, a new driver might cost $20-30 per driver to develop, and then it may cost another $20 to manufacture, but then these big companies pay huge endorsement fees to the touring pros ... and high-end TV ads during golf broadcasts ... and full page ads in all the golf magazines. Guess who pays for that? Yup - you do... if you buy the name brand stuff.

Clone Drivers Cost Less Because You Buy Factory Direct

Clone golf club manufactures use many of the same foundries in China to make their components, and then assemble them with quality shafts in the US, and then ship them off to you direct from the factory. No player endorsement fees tacked on. No bloated advertising budgets you have to pay for. No middleman. You pay for the cost of the club and a fair and reasonable markup.

What you get is a golf club that will perform just as good as the name brand clubs - and probably a LOT better than what you're using now - for hundreds less.

What if I Try a New Clone Golf Club and Don't Like it?

If you don't like a golf driver you order online, send it back. All of the clone golf club manufacturers we recommend are reputable companies with solid customer service. They want you to be pleased with the product you buy, and they will usually bend over backwards for you so that you will come back and buy from them again. Each company is different, but most clone golf companies allow you at least 30 days to try their clubs and offer a full refund if you don't like them, so you really don't risk a thing. I've order over 50 golf clubs online and only had to send one back because the top of the driver cracked. I had a replacement rushed to me in less than week

Start Building your Clone Golf Set Now with a New Driver

A driver is a great place to start your venture into clone golf clubs. Many consider the driver the most important club since it sets up the long holes for success if you drive it well.

Even if you don't consider your driver the most important club in your bag, it certainly ranks right up there. If you are driving it long and straight off the tee, it can only build confidence for the rest of your game. Plus good tee shots put you in the best position to score well.

Once you find the right clone driver, then you can start upgrading the rest of the clubs in your set. In addition to impressing your golfing buddies, you may just impress yourself with how far and how straight you hit it with a new clone golf driver. And most important, you'll have a lot more fun playing golf!

Joel Thomas is an avid golfer, gardener and fisherman who lives in S. Arizona with his lovely wife and children.

Hot Selling Clone Golf Drivers

ZR 3.0 Driver

The ZR 3.0 Driver is a Ping G25 Driver clone. This club has all of the most advanced driver technologies to promote maximum distance, forgiveness and accuracy packaged in a classic shape. Variable face thickness in the thin titanium face makes it easy to launch the ball high, straight ... and long. Available in mens and womens models. Click for more info. ($99)

Ping G-15 Clone Driver
FT-i Driver clone
GX2 460 Ti

The GX2 460 Ti from GigaGolf is a second generation square driver. It is a Callaway FT-i clone type driver except that it is full titanium, not carbon composite. The GX2 has a higher MOI than last year's model (Ozzy Moto). The GX2 reduces twisting at impact and allows you to hit it your drives long and straight. Click here for more info ($99)

TRX Ti Driver

The TRX Ti Driver is a TaylorMade r7 CGB Mx Driver clone. This club combines the best of driver technologies to promote maximum distance, forgiveness, adjustability, and ease of use. The club's triangular shape and thin titanium face makes it easy to launch the ball high, straight, and long. Adjustable weight technology modifies the ability to hit draws or fades. Click for more info. ($109.50)

TaylorMade r7 Driver clone
Ping Rapture Driver clone
C9 VFT Ti Driver

Don't let looks fool you. The C9 driver is simple looking, but bursting with performance enhancements. This Ping Rapture Driver clone boasts a variable thickness face, machine milled to expand the sweet spot. Ultra thin Beta 5-3-3-3 Titanium and advanced carbon fiber are used in the crown of the 460cc head. Even if you don't get a chance to practice much, you'll be crushing it long and straight with the Cloud Nine VFT. Click here for more info. ($106)

P2 Ti Driver

The P2 Ti driver is a Ping G10 Driver Clone. The P2 measures in at 460cc, the legal limit set by the USGA. This driver is designed to be forgiving, playable and affordable. Hit longer, more accurate drives with ease. Easy on the pocketbook, too! $94.50 Click for more info.

Ping G10 Driver Clone

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